Sunday, January 31, 2010

tagged! 25 random things about me!

I've been tagged!

Tagged by Kelly over at Kellyansapansa to share '25 random things about me!'

Here I go!

1. I am left handed.
2. My Mum was born in Egypt, my Dad Australia.
3. My sister is 2 years younger than me, my brother 5 years younger, that makes me the eldest!
4. I passed my driver’s licence test on my second attempt. I can’t even remember how I managed to fail the first time but I did!
5. I unfortunately can’t swim, something I’m not proud of but I have never been able to get it!
6. I knew my Great Grandmother.
7. My mail is delivered to a post office box.
8. I own lots and lots of cookbooks, yes I’m addicted!
9. I have a subscription to the great food mag “SFI, Super Food Ideas”, yes I like to cook and need inspiration to satisfy the family.
10. I love spending time in the garden but lately have been neglecting it a little, it sure is time to get out there again!
11. I worked for the largest oil company in the world for 11 years.
12. I love eating out at a ‘nice’ restaurant.
13. I’ve always wanted to study Journalism, and now I am! I love news and newspapers.
14. I recently started writing for a monthly community newspaper and love it!
15. My goal is to get paid to work from home, writing.
16. I am fairly terrible at all things mathematical.
17. I’ve got my eye on a new camera, a digital SLR, the Canon EOS, saving my dollars for this one at the moment.
18. I drive a 4WD.
19. Family and friends are very important to me. I love the opportunity to spend time with both.
20. At the moment I’m reading Mia Freedmans’s ‘Mama Mia’
21. I got an iPhone in December and love it! I text and email a lot!
22. I take multivitamins and see a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner for all my ‘alternative’ therapy needs.
23. I’m a fan of ‘My Friend the Chocolate Cake’, I hear you asking who are they? They are a brilliant musical group based in Melbourne. Their music has an emphasis on piano and violin. Their acoustic style quite unique.
24. My dear friend Emma over at ‘Starting in Sweden’ introduced me to ‘Loobylu’ and the amazing world that is ‘blogging’, thanks Emma!
25. I created ‘life and the memoirs’ in October 2009, it took me until the 13th of December 2009 to ‘go live’ with my first post!

26. I had to add a number 26! My ‘baby’ starts school tomorrow, oh my :)

I'd like to tag the following bloggers to come up with a '25 random things about me!' list. I can guarantee it's not as scary as it might first seem :)

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Hope you have fun compiling your list!


  1. Nice list! Particular congratulations for #13 and #14.

  2. Cool, great reading & i'm going to follow you too. Let us planners rule the world hey?? I don't do drama, can you tell?? Love Posie

  3. Oh & good luck with school, my 4 don't resume until Tuesday. That's all of them from years 6 down to year 1, ahhhh, so much fun, we love school. Love Posie

  4. Welcome Posie :) My boys love school, which is fantastic! I love that they love school.
    Have a great day!

  5. Oh yay, thanks for the tag! It's just about done! :)

  6. Hello!

    Great list. I can relate to a few of those, mainly being terrible at anything mathematical (I can't work out any fractions higher than fifths!) and wanting that Canon EOS. Ooooh, and the 1.4/50mm lens. And the money that will miraculously fall out of the sky to fund them!

    Good luck with the first days of school!
    Anna x

  7. So much fun reading this! You've inspired me to also tag...


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