Monday, January 11, 2010

hot and bothered

Approaching 4pm in Melbourne, the temperature has reached the forecasted 43 degrees! Going outside is like walking into a hot house, stiffling, every breath you take is a hot one. It doesn't feel 'natural' to be so hot. The air con is on, after awhile it seems ineffective, that's until we step outside and quickly realise it is actually cooler inside.

Our dear old border collie who lives outside, never venturing indoors, needed to escape the heat, she found the perfect spot to rest, the cool kitchen floor. She's even managed to nod off occasionally, I wish I could.

We haven't done much with our day, other than eat, drink and relax - what else can one do on a day like today? Relief in the form of a cool change isn't expected immediately, we'll keep on doing as we are until then.

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