Monday, February 1, 2010

beautiful blogger award

How shocked was I to receive the 'Beautiful Blogger Award' from Kelly over at Kellansapansa thanks Kelly! Wow this blogging thing is getting serious now!!

The challenge, a tough one at that, to list 7 INTERESTING things about moi. Definition of 'interesting' - 'to excite the attention of'!! Righto then, here I go at giving this list my best!

1. As a Year 12 Media Studies student (in 1989) I interviewed Bert Newton over the telephone for an assignment on the history of radio. Recorded onto a cassette tape! Do you remember those?? Don't own a cassette player these days, so can't replay the interview!

2. My teeth required orthodontic treatment for 6 years! I loved the bus trip into Collins Street and lunch with my Mum following the appointment. I can still remember the agony of having my braces tighten. The end result after all the pain, pretty good looking teeth!

3. I was a flower girl in a family friends wedding when I was close to 5 years old.

4. My parents always took the family on a driving holiday during the May school holidays. Back in my day, the school year was divided into 3 terms. My parents loved driving 3 kids around country Victoria and New South Wales in the Autumn...??

5. 'Aussie Farmers Direct' deliver milk, bread, cheese, fruit and veg to our front door a number of times a week. So glad the milkman is back!!


6. I've been working part time in retail for 4 years, administration role. It's been a great outlet for me while my boys were of pre school age, but now they are both at school the focus is moving onto ME!

7. I learnt French at school for years and would not be able to speak a sentence if my life depended on it! Sad :(

My job is done! I shall now pass the 'Beautiful Blogger Award' to these 2 very INTERESTING bloggers.

Sarah Elizabeth at Sarah Elizabth
Victoria at 13mimosa

Have fun and I look forward to reading your lists :)


  1. A fabulous list! I had braces too, I totally remember the pain and humiliation that came with them, even after all of these years.

  2. Thank you so much, that's so sweet and thoughtful of you. Gosh I do find this sort of thing difficult, only because I'm harsh on myself and don't necessarily think I'm that interesting - but I'll give it a whirl and think and dig deep for truly obscure (but interesting) facts!

  3. Kelly thanks for giving my list the thumbs up!

    13mimosa I do enjoy your blog VERY MUCH! You are one very talented and creative lady and a great Mum!!


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