Tuesday, January 26, 2010

living australian 2010

I recently became aware of AussieVault by the Australia Day Council of New South Wales.

The Australia Day Council of New South Wales is giving all Australians an opportunity to take part in new and exciting year long campaigns, a social history hub for all things Australian.

'AussieVault' is a chance to be part of history, an opportunity to share your thoughts on our nation's journey through various creative and meaningful campaigns.

'AussieVault' recently ran an online photographic campaign 'Living Australian 2010'. 1111 photographs were submitted across four categories, 'my heroes', 'my landscape', 'my life' and 'my sports'. To view these impressive images depicting 'Living Australian' click here.

Although the competition is closed, you can still participate in the 'Living Australian' campaign and share how you are' Living Australian'.

The winner 'Leap of Faith' by Kerryn Leworthy shown in this post.

Kerryn's photo for me, recalls my many happy memories as a child playing in the backyard under the garden hose and sprinkler with my siblings. Long before the days of 3A water restrictions.

Kerryn explains "This photo was taken in our backyard in November 2009. Due to high level water restrictions here in Queensland my five year old son had never played with a garden hose. We took advantage of relaxed water restrictions on this sweltering day and let the kids loose with the hose for fifteen minutes of fun. This image of my son Connor leaping into the blue plastic paddling pool toward his siblings conjures up many memories of the hours I spent with my sisters under the hose and sprinkler as children. To think of my own children never experiencing such pure, simple fun is unthinkable!"

The 1111 images picture the true Aussie spirit and way of life, enjoy! Happy Australia Day!


  1. Happy Australia Day to you! I wish I was in Australia now, enjoying a picnic on the beach in the sun. Here in Italy it's cold and raining. Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog. Hope you are enjoying your day

    Sarah Elizabeth xx

  2. Thank you Sarah Elizabeth! I instantly loved your blog! I'm eagerly waiting for your next post :)

  3. I found this blog while Googling my name LOL! The photo you have featured on your blog is mine :)
    Thanks for your kind comments regarding my photo. Winning this competition has been surreal!
    I will be back to visit your blog again...especially if there are more recipes like that banana bread ;)


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