Monday, January 25, 2010

this week's charity

Last week I introduced you to My Year of Giving the brilliant idea of Thea Smith, to donate $5 each week to a different charity.

This week's charity is Angel Flight. Living in Melbourne I had not heard of Angel Flight, a charity that co-ordinates non-emergency flights to help country people trying to deal with bad health, poor finances and daunting distance. All flights are free and may involve patients travelling to medical facilities anywhere in Australia.

I'm finding My Year of Giving is a great way to start my week. Knowing that in some small way I have helped make a difference to someone in need is very satisfying.


  1. It is a good feeling isn't it? I'm starting to call it 'Feel good Monday'! :)

  2. I love this idea. What a great way to spend a year. I might just steal this idea. I did my Haiti relief donation this month. What shall I do next month then? How do you pick your charities?

  3. Hi Rachel Elizabeth, all the way over in the USA! Yes it is a great idea and a great way to spend the year. All the credit for this brilliant idea goes to Thea at 'My Year of Giving'. She is the source of this very special idea. Each Monday Thea selects a charity for the week and posts the details on her blog, I simply follow her in matching my $5 donation to the charity she has chosen for the week.
    It makes for a fantastic start my week!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your positive comments :) I'm interested, how did you find me?


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