Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 around the corner

Despite the heat tonight (Melbourne reached at least 36 today), I packed away the Christmas tree and decorations. Christmas is over for another year. Our lounge room was looking tired and in need of a tidy up.

I've made a start on my rather long to do list! It's going to take time to work through but it feels good to have started. In my mind our busy life requires me to be well organised. When well organised life seems so much simpler and calmer for us all.

Tomorrow is the 31st of December 2009, New Year's Eve. Doesn't seem like 12 months ago we welcomed in 2009. I remember vividly the NYE of 1999 and the beginning of 2000. 10 years ago tomorrow - we've experienced alot during the past 10 years.

I say we'll be tucked up in bed before the clock strikes midnight tomorrow night. One of my favourite places and ways to welcome in a NY.

Best wishes for a very happy and healthy new year, may 2010 be a great year.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Another year almost over, planning for a new one...

The boys just before leaving a snack and drink out for Santa and his reindeers. Oh, the excitement in the house on Christmas Eve was full of anticipation. It was bliss, the making of childhood memories.

It's been almost a week since my last post. What a week we have enjoyed with the celebrating of Christmas Day and for me lots of hours of additional work in retail in the lead up to Christmas, followed by the Boxing Day sales followed by a very well known Stock Take Sale. I'm now feeling very tired, physically exhausted. The last couple of weeks have been BIG! It won't be long before life settles back to some form of normality for us. I'll be able to catch up on some sleep and focus on giving our home a much needed 'spring clean'. Things have been a little neglected lately. There are clothes and toys to be sorted, what we have out grown we'll pass on for someone else to enjoy.

I'm already thinking about my to do list for 2010! Have you started planning for the New Year? What do you want to achieve? For me I want to keep it simple, not overly complicated. I'm hoping 2010 will be the year I find time for 'me', doing the things I enjoy for 'myself'. In this house it seems 'Mum' always comes 'second' to everyone else. I literally want to take a walk more frequently (a couple of times a week would be nice) allowing myself to smell the fresh air and enjoy the stroll. I want to cook more, allowing my family to continue to develop their love of good, simple and healthy food. Nothing brings me more pleasure than preparing a meal the family enjoys. I want to read more. I want to pace my study work load so my assessments aren't all left until the last the minute! I want the articles I write for a community newspaper to embrace the readers and the community. 2010 will be the year I develop my writing skills.

For now I'll leave the list at this, a list I can come back to.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Time to enjoy the holidays

The school and kinder year have come to an end. All so quickly. Where did 2009 go? Master J had a great year in grade 1 and Master L lots of fun in 4 year old kinder. I reflect on the last 12 months in amazement at the year that we have lived.

Why does it seem that as we get 'older' time seems to pass faster than ever? Life for our family is busy. What makes our days so 'busy'? I work, I study, I volunteer at school and kinder, I'm a Mum and try to keep a 'tidy' home with good food to enjoy each day. These are all things I enjoy for lots of reasons. Seeing my children harvest the rewards of me being involved, eating well is very important to me and along the way I'm forming new friendships with other parents in our community. I thrive on being part of a community. A big part of me needs to be kept 'busy' but I do realise the importance of a balanced lifestyle. I am 'goer', switching off in front of the TV is something I rarely do. There is so much to enjoy and learn in this life.

Today we enjoyed a simple day at home. The boys played for hours with some wooden train tracks, portable trains, buildings and emergency vehicles. The joy of hearing them enjoy each others company was a delight. There was the occasional conflict and disagreement in their role play, but all in all they enjoyed the simple pleasure of playing with each other. I'm looking forward to more days like today during the next 6 weeks.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

5 More Sleeps

I've been working some seriously long and crazy hours in retail this week. It seems 'everyone' has now realised Christmas Day is only 5 sleeps away! While the shopping centre has become a congested space, I ponder what Christmas really means. For me Christmas is about spending time with family, the extended family and eating! The tradition of having lunch together continues (we sit down to lunch at about 2pm). We usually don't start on the sweet things until early evening.

My boys now 7 and 5 are right into the swing of enjoying the lead up to Christmas. The anticipation of what Santa will bring. The joy of having a decorated Christmas tree with lights standing in the corner of the lounge room.

It's a very special time of year for those fortunate enough to share with family and friends.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Today I post my first blog! I've thought about doing this for awhile. Today is the day. Stop by and say hi! I'm looking forward to sharing experiences and opinions along the way.

Life at the moment is hectic but the most joyous time of year. Nothing beats the anticipation of Christmas Day. There is still shopping to be done and many a gift to be wrapped, doesn't matter though because all will be ready by Christmas Eve. Only 12 days to go!
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