Monday, January 18, 2010

my year of giving

I have mentioned previously I am a novice blogger. Literally spending hours of late checking out blogs. I guess you could say I am slightly addicted to blogging at the moment. While clicking away, reading with interest many blogs I stumbled across My Year of Giving the brilliant and totally inspiring idea of Thea Smith.

Earlier this month while watching the Today show and a segment on Jane McGrath Day at the cricket Thea had an absolutely brilliant idea! Her idea, to donate $5 every week to a different charity for this entire year. What an awesome idea!

You know when things happen and you just feel it was meant to be, I feel this way about how I just happened to find Thea and her brilliant idea. It was meant to be. I immediately joined Thea in her pledge to donate $5 every week to a different charity. I love the idea. We live a fortunate life, it feels good to support those less fortunate, those needing some support. What is $5 a week? To me $5 a week is one less coffee I indulge in during my week, plus some small change.

Three weeks into January and Thea and instigated donations to the McGrath Foundation, St Vincent de Paul (supporting Cate Bolt and her family) and today the Australian Red Cross (supporting the Haiti Earthquake Appeal).

$5 a week isn't much, it is however better than nothing, every single dollar counts. Each Monday Thea announces her charity for the week on the blog My Year of Giving she has created to track this totally inspiring idea.

Does anyone feel inclined to join us? Collectively we can make a difference.

Well done Thea!


  1. Thank you so much for joining me and for your very kind words!! I feel so honored.
    I hope we get many more 'followers'! :)

  2. You're very welcome Thea! It takes a special person to think of something so great. We are helping to make a difference. I hope others get on board.

  3. Thea's my sister - [she is pretty special] hehe
    you are so right that it doesn't matter how much - it's the fact that you take time and give something - yay go girls.


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