Monday, February 15, 2010

cherish you! challenge

I have to share this with you, quickly tonight before the clock strikes midnight! Before time runs out. I'm sorry about the short notice.

Karen Wallace over at The Calm Space is running for the first time, the FREE, 5 day, 'Cherish You! Challenge'. It starts tomorrow, Tuesday 16th February. You'll need to register before Tuesday in your time zone to be in!

If you're feeling a little unloved, unappreciated or under cherished why don't you take part in the 'Cherish You! Challenge'. The challenge is all about learning to love yourself one step at a time. Over 5 days the 'Cherish You! Challenge' will challenge you with 5 small, simple steps towards a life where your cup is overflowing with love, appreciation and caring.

Please click here for full details.

It's FREE. It's only 5 days. You could learn something, you could learn alot. Your life could improve a little, your life could improve alot. What have you got to lose?

I'd love to hear if you decide to take the Cherish You! Challenge .


  1. Oh sounds interesting, not feeling too unloved, just loved long distance, 'tis my life this whole year really, husband away. Love Posie

  2. This has got my interest. Thanks for sharing - I'm all registered.

  3. I've signed up too - thanks for letting me know about this. I'm looking forward to starting tomorrow.

  4. Bugger - too late! Sounds really interesting though :o)


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