Thursday, February 18, 2010

is there room for some soup in your day?

Yesterday while I was scanning my inbox, I'm becoming a speed scanner and speedy at filtering my ever increasing inbox, an email titled 'do you want to try new products before they launch and give your opinion?‏' immediately caught my attention and had me asking what???

Let me fill you in on Soup.

"Soup is for people who love having their say and want to be involved in shaping the future of brands and products. Soup is a place that connects influential and interesting people with forward thinking companies."

That sounds like me I thought to myself. So I had a look around 'Soup', checking out the site and the latest projects. With my interest quickly consumed it wasn't long before I decided to get involved and followed the 3 simple steps to becoming a 'souper'. The steps were quite straightforward, getting to know you, your details, your interests and your world type questions.

It's official, I'm now a fully fledged 'souper', eager and ready to participate, can't wait for details on my first project. As a 'souper' I can now look forward to free access to cool stuff, like products before they launch, samples, and exclusive behind the scene access. I'll get to exchange my opinions and ideas about brands, this is what I am going to enjoy the most!

I didn't mention, it’s completely free with no obligations at all, to join. Are you interested, tempted maybe to give it a go?

Stay tuned for details of my first project.


  1. This sounds interesting - I like the bit about samples of products to try :) I look forward to seeing how you find the experience...

  2. Well that sounds really interesting, love seeing new stuff and always have an opinion!! I look forward to hearing all about it soon!


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