Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my favourite time of the day

Not sure how or why this thought popped into my head tonight, I started thinking about my favourite time of the day.

What spurred this on? The reality of being back at school for only two days! It's the marathon race which starts at 3.30pm sharp each weekday, often a fast, hurried, exhausting event that makes me think the evenings, at around 8pm top the list for my favourite time of the day.

The after school crazies, tiredness, munchies, homework, dinner preparation, shower, reader, lights out, culminate to the relieve which is felt when I close the bedroom doors on two little boys and walk down the hall to put the kettle on.

The house is now quite, only faint snores can be heard behind closed doors, oh it's time for me to relax and enjoy a quite evening. Reflecting, we did it again, we will do it again tomorrow night and the next night and the next night, but for now I'll enjoy this time, my favourite time of the day, is this time of night.

There was a time when I was early to bed, I'm slowly becoming a night owl of sorts. Simply spending time doing the things I enjoy, while two little boys dream. I accomplish alot this time of night. I love my days but the evenings are so peaceful, the stillness of the night I can feel from inside.

If you're a mum with children at school, you may relate to how I am feeling. What is your favourite time of the day?


  1. I'm so busy at the moment that my favourite time of the day is any time I can find five minutes for myself! In the weeks we don't have the kids, evenings are definitely my favourite, as my fiance and I sit side by side at our computers, working on our individual projects while talking and being silly. That sounds a bit geeky doesn't it?!

  2. Oh yeah!! I can totally relate. I absolutely love that time of night too!! :)

  3. For me, with older children it's now more like 9p.m. when the last one has been asleep for a while after her home work load. I do as much as i can while they are up, i.e. pack recess, an hour on the treadmill, return emails, so when they are all in their rooms, i'm also ready to relax. Different when my husband is around, as he helps then wants me to sit on the lounge with him, but when he's away, more work but it's my own time in the evening. Ahhh, love Posie

  4. PS - I have something for you over at my blog:

  5. I too am a night time lover.
    My children are yet to go back to school - damn Tasmania and 3 terms!!!
    But yes I enjoy the peace after a full on afternoon/evening organising 7children and 1 husband - who comes home from work cranky most days!!
    Now that the children are getting older it is also 9pm to 9.30pm before we get the quietness in our house.


  6. Mine is when Lacey is asleep. It's lunchtime so I get to have something to eat without someone tugging at me, or talking to me. I'll watch Ellen and just relax.

  7. Ladies, thank you for taking the time to share your favourite time of the day :)

  8. At the moment it is and always has been early in the morning. I dare say that will all change in a few weeks though! x


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