Thursday, February 18, 2010

free movies

We subscribe to Foxtel in this house, and have done so for about the last 3 years. Our package is restricted, in that we have a package which includes, the sports channels (I'm out numbered on this one), the kids channels (which have been thoroughly enjoyed), the third package of channels I think are lifestyle channels (which I rarely, if ever watch).

Today I was notified of a special deal, available to us for two weeks. That's right, a FREE treat, for two weeks!! You rarely get something for free these days. Hence my excitement. From February 21st to March 8th, courtesy of the Movie Network Channels we are going to be able to enjoy the very best in uninterrupted movie entertainment. We're going to have access to nine channels dedicated to showing everything from family flix, blockbusters and tearjerkers to exclusive new series and live events.

We've managed to survive without the movie channels up until this time, I'm wondering how we are all going to enjoy these free movies!! I do hope there is no fighting, arguing or crying. In preparation, we'll need to scan the Foxtel program guide to identify which movies are on offer.

I bet this free two week treat is offered to customers in the hope that at the conclusion, customers will sign up for the regular movie package. Regardless of what happens, I do hope we can all stick to our 'guns', respecting and accepting that in this house the movie channels are available, only for a short time! We're going to enjoy the next two weeks, free movies!! I'm so excited on the inside.

I haven't seen a movie for literally ages, months possibly years, unfortunately. Any suggestions? Just one would be great. I'll collate and assess which are high on the priority, must see list!!


  1. Oooh that's tough! We don't have a TV but if we did I would become a couch potato if there was a movie channel. Enjoy your fortnight of films and good luck! x

  2. Now that's exciting! Although, because we're tv addicts we've got the full foxtel package and I never manage to find a film I want to see when I want to see it. Get in and do your research - find the tv guide on-line and check out all the films. Go for at least one classic that you love and a new release you wish you'd seen. You can always record them if they're on at times you can't watch too! Enjoy x

  3. Find out what the movie options are and then check them out on - have a great movie fortnight!

  4. Wow, gotta love a free-be! Enjoy your movies and try not to get too addicted... Foxtel has an evil plan!!

  5. Ladies thank you for your comments!
    All good advice :) And yes, I'm certain Foxtel have an evil plan waiting to be hatched at the conclusion of the two weeks. Let me tell you, this household will not be sucked in!


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