Tuesday, February 16, 2010

'a month of me time' update

Today's update, day 6 'a month of me time'.

When Karen's email came through I instantly felt a strong curiosity, what inspiring words of wisdom will Karen direct to me today. As I began reading I began to smile. Day 6 is all about coffee, my indulgence, a true love in my life. There was a time it was almost an addiction which I needed to curb and curb it I have. In the past, I drank it so heavily as a matter of habit, there has been many a day when I have felt so physically exhausted I've turned to my companion to see ME through the day.

The message from Karen at The Calm Space .

Life is too short to drink bad coffee (or instant coffee).
Make your morning cuppa an event.
Brew freshly ground coffee to perfection.
Drink it in a beautiful cup or mug.

'The Calm Space' also encourages you to stop in at your favourite cafe. This is something I do after the morning school drop off. The local cafe sells the best coffee around, in these parts.

If you're a tea drinker, invest in a nice teapot, use loose-leaf tea (apparently, tea drinkers can taste the difference) and drink out of a beautiful china cup.

Remember to simply breathe, be aware of your surroundings. Really taste what you are drinking. Savour and appreciate every sip.

Relishing your morning (or afternoon) cup is taking time for ME.

These days I try very hard to stick to 1 to 2 cups of coffee each day. Tell me, are you an over indulgent coffee drinker? How many cups do you sip on each day? When you order your coffee, what do you order? My order is a skinny weak latte with one sugar please :)


  1. I am envious of the coffee after the school drop off. That sounds divine. I am still in the multiple drop off (childcare, school and kindy.Three different locations, and it is an hour round trip: totally mad.)

    But I totally agree on the coffee thing. I have 3 glorious cups. (Even though some days I would like it intraveneously.) One NOW, before they all wake up. One at lunchtime. And one at school pick up time....in one of those thermos mugs in the car.

  2. Actually I don't drink coffee at all - I can't stand the taste. I drink a cup of tea maybe once a month. I do love a glass of cold milk though, otherwise it's usually just water for me!

  3. I've been trying hard to back off from my coffee needs. I'm pretty sure I OD while in the sleep deprivation stage (which of cause didn't help the sleep deprivation!!) Two a day thanks. Just the boring instant nescafe around here. But it's still 'me time' There is a 'mummy rule' which states I don't have to get up to get things, do things, or be things while I have coffee in my hands. (Hmmm - sounds like a good reason to drink more - unfortunatly it keeps me up at night!)

  4. Oh i don't drink coffee, or tea, but i believe those who love it LOVE IT!! Love Posie

  5. Ladies thank you for your comments :)

    There was a time, years and years ago, when I drank tea. Weak milky tea. I can't imagine how I ever drank the stuff. I now have a rather strong dislike for tea. I'm wondering whether the day will come where I won't drink coffee?? So many health benefits. At least these days I'm very good at monitoring and limiting my coffee intake.

    I'm still working on increasing my water intake each day :)


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