Tuesday, February 9, 2010

writer's block

With my thinking cap stuck firmly on my head tonight, I have struggled to blog. I've struggled to write. I've struggled to get the words out. That's ok, it's just a small case of writer's block.

I'm so easily distracted by reading many inspiring blogs, I have a hundred thoughts racing around my head, please slow down in there so I can catch my breath. My head is feeling full, a good full but still full, full of ideas, creativity and a strong desire to achieve, something great.

It's been another hot day in Melbourne, my energy is zapped, the heat and I don't always have a happy and comfortable relationship. I think it's a sign that I call it a night, it's time for me to enjoy a good night's sleep. I'll wake feeling refreshed and energised.

Do you ever suffer writer's block? How do you manage the moments of what am I going to write about today? How do you manage the moments of trying to find the right words to tell your story, to share your thoughts? I love writing, but occasionally a block forms and I simply can't get the words out.


  1. When I am in the mood for writing, I draft post after post and keep them saved as drafts. Then, on the days when I'm not so inspired, I can just pick a draft, tidy it up and post it. I also find that the editing/proofreading process can trigger thoughts and ideas, so it helps remove the block too. You'll get it back, don't worry!

  2. As someone who has spent years having lots of writing ideas, but only just starting to actually write, I can sympathise. I am trying to 'catch up' with all the ideas racing around in my head, plus the more I write the more I think of things to say.

    I too have been feeling very frustrated the last few days, with so many ideas but none coming out in any sense of order.

    Good luck, I'm sure it will sort itself out soon!

  3. Oh yeah, I've had it! I call it blog block!! Don't worry it passes. :)

  4. Ladies, thank you for your words and support! I really do appreciate the time you've taken to offer your words of wisdom :)


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