Tuesday, February 2, 2010

off to school we go, everyday!

Today was the day I have at times longed for, thought would never come, the day on the calendar I thought in 2010 that seemed liked years away! 2010!

Today was the day the youngest member of the family left the nest to start his school journey. He was excited, without a tear in his eye. I was left feeling slightly overwhelmed at the realisation that this is it!! Off to school we go, everyday! No more occasional care, no more kindergarten, no more child care. No more one on one time or being by my side.

I'm no longer a Mum with a child at school and a pre schooler. He is definitely ready for this new and exciting adventure, as for me, give me a week or so, possibly a little longer to become accustomed to this new phrase of life. Fortunately I have a few distractions while they are off enjoying their school day.

I look back now on the first 5 years, realising just how far this little being has come. From baby, to toddler to pre school to school. Each age and stage of development has been different, a learning experience for us all. No manual to refer to. Wow! we have come along way, in only 5 years. What lies ahead we don't know, but we're always going to be here guiding, supporting, caring and loving unconditionally.


  1. Lovely words, and your little man looks so sweet! I'm glad he enjoyed his day, and I'm feeling a little lost right along with you as my baby started full time school too!

  2. what a big day for everyone! good luck :)


  3. Good luck to you all with this new chapter - how exciting for everyone!

  4. Thanks ladies! It certainly is a 'big event' when your child heads to school. Exciting times, yet slightly emotional. Each day will get easier I'm sure.

  5. Awwww, he started that same time as my big boy. He looks gorgeous! I'm still surprised at how well mine has settled, crossing fingers there won't be a meltdown in week 3! x

  6. Oh congratulations. Best feeling is that you put so much into being a great mummy, you can leave them on their first say of school knowing you did an ace job, they're onto the next stage. My 4th child started year 1 yesterday, so this is my 2nd dizzy year coming home every day on my own for 6 hours, no preschool etc. He certainly looks ready & confident. Love Posie

  7. Congratulations to you also Thea! Hope you are adjusting to not having your little man around throughout the day. It seems a little 'strange' initially doesn't it but there is plenty to occupy our day :)
    Here's hoping the excitement and confidence stay with them.

    Posie thank you for your lovely words of encouragement! This is certainly a lovely time for us all :)

  8. What a gorgeous photo, and lovely heartfelt words!

    PS - I've finally added your blog to my blog list; kept missing your posts! xo

  9. Thank you Megan :)

    More 'life and the memoirs' to come! I'm finding my feet quickly and loving the land of blog. So many interesting and talented individuals (like yourself!!) out there!

  10. He is so cute. I have a few years up my sleeve before I'm in the same position. I am looking forward to that bittersweet moment.


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