Wednesday, February 17, 2010

'a month of me time' update

Day 7 of 'a month of me time'. Today's tip from The Calm Space simply, light a candle.

A flame can help you focus, a flame can help you breathe, a flame can help you relax. It's also a great aid to meditation and quieting down those hundreds of thoughts running through your busy mind.

I love having a scented candle burning in the house. When I remember to light a candle, it is usually in the evening, when I can enjoy the quieter part of the day. I love how a scented candle fills the room with divine fragrance, instantly transforming the environment. Creating peace and tranquillity, an atmosphere I feel so comfortable in that I can't help but to relax in.

I'm going to buy myself a new scented candle tomorrow. Can you offer me suggestions on your favourite fragrances to fill my home?


  1. I love anything with vanilla for relaxation, or citrus for reenergising. Just beautiful!

  2. I adore scented candles, but so many disappoint when they're lit. I have a gorgeous French Pear candle - it's a soy candle by an Aussie company Wicked Wix. It's in a gorgeous glass jar with lid and even though I've lit it loads of times I've hardly used any of it. I also adore a lemony smell - such as lemon verbena. Mmmmmmm. And of course, I'm with Kellyansapansa and will always be smitten with Vanilla.

  3. Ladies thank you for your advice!! I'm going to act on both - cheers :)


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