Sunday, February 7, 2010

tooth fairy

While preparing dinner this evening, my big boy (7 years old) casually states "another tooth has fallen out Mum!" I immediately think blood. Fortunately there isn't any insight. He brings his tiny baby tooth over to show me, so small, almost grain like, how did he eat so well with teeth so small, I ponder. He collects the 'tooth fairy' container from the kitchen and hurry's it to his room for the tooth fairy to collect after dark. He contemplates how much the tooth fairy will leave him in exchange for his precious tooth. I suggest possibly a gold coin - $1 or maybe even $2. She might even leave some silver coins tonight, it all depends on what she has in her wallet.

How much does the tooth fairy leave at your house in exchange for a tiny, precious baby tooth?


  1. In our house $2 is the going rate. Unfortunately if the kids are at their Mum's house when they lose a tooth, they get $10. Apparently our tooth fairy is a stingy one ...

  2. The tooth fairy left a $1 last night, one very excited 7 year old this morning :) It's not about the amount she left, it's that she actually came!
    She varys the amount she leaves each time, although I don't think she has ever left more than $2 :) $10 wow!

  3. Good question...we're not up to the tooth fairy yet, but it won't be long! And she sure won't be doling out $10 in this house!! :)

  4. $2 is the going rate at ours too - although I do shine it up with a bit of Jif because the shiny ones seem worth more somehow!

  5. My girls' tooth fairy must be the same one we had when we were little because she always leaves a gold coin and a rhyming poem about how the tooth came to fall out too. Occasionally she is a bit messy and leaves a sprinkling of fairy dust be luckily that's not too often because I hate vaccuuming. X


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