Monday, March 1, 2010

italian cooking

I had such a great day today! Still recovering from my virus but well enough to take part in a three hour Italian cooking class. What a great way to spend part of my day. The things I can now do while the children are at school, divine indeed.

Local council is celebrating healthy lifestyle week with an excellent and diverse range of activities for community members to enjoy, at a subsided price! Today's class cost me a mere $5! I jumped at the opportunity to attend this class, so glad I read about it in the local newspaper.

I enjoy cooking and am fortunate to have grown up in a family where my mother and grandmother cooked a large variety of delicious mediterranean dishes. This is where my love of food and cooking came from. Even though I know how to prepare some traditional Italian meals, I'm always keen to learn something new. I enjoy my time in the kitchen and am passionate about preparing healthy meals for the family. I find my biggest challenge these days is time, I'm forever on the look out for quick, easy and healthy meals. Today's class was perfect!

The class was taken by the daughter of a traditional Italian 'cook'. Her knowledge, tips and love of cooking contagious. The class, a very small, intimate and relaxed group of keen cooks. We chatted, we shared, we listened, we asked questions, we watch intently, we finished the class taste testing what had been prepared. Simply delicious, eggplant pasta, an onion frittata and ricotta cannoli.

I enjoyed my time so much today that I've signed up for a three week Italian cooking course. Starting next week. The recipes use seasonal produce, are low cost and easy! I can't wait.


  1. Yummm. I might book my husband onto an Italian cooking course.

  2. I love frittata. :) thanks for sharing

  3. Sounds fantastic! I am such a pasta addict too, what a great way to spend the day...

  4. What a great class to take part in - sounds wonderful!!

  5. Wow - they look and sound delicious! Enjoy the rest of the classes and I hope you're feeling fully recovered really soon. xx


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