Monday, March 15, 2010

all the reading that comes with study

I'm about to head into week 3 of my uni studies. Week 3 of 13 weeks, time is certainly moving fast. I'm living a new learning journey. Becoming accustomed to the world and requirements of online learning. Connecting with students all over the globe, literally, from an island off the Northern Territory to New York City and many places in between.

I've 'survived' the first two weeks and managed to submit two small assessments, each worth 5%, on time! Now eagerly anticipating my first grades. I'm still coming to terms with the amount of reading that is required of my. I'm enjoying being a 'student' again, I'm using my mind. Challenging myself. I'm feeling alot of personal satisfaction.

Our life has always been a constant juggle between family and work commitments. Now study is part of the mix and time for 'me' to pursue my own interests. There's a little voice inside my head encouraging me. So far, we are all coping and adjusting to this 'new' life remarkably well, early days, but off to a very good start.

I need to become far more self disciplined though in terms of my bedtime. My goal, when the clock strikes 11pm switch the computer off!


  1. My study habits are appalling. Every semester I have every intention of keeping up with the reading schedule. And every semester, without fail, I find myself starting assignments two days before they're due and cramming for exams on the morning they're on. Whatever you do, do not fall into this trap. It's ridiculously stressful!

  2. Hi Kelly many thanks for the tip! I can see just how easy it will be to fall behind the weekly reading schedule. Early days and trying my hardest to keep on track.


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