Sunday, March 7, 2010

back to uni for me

Where have I been this week? Can someone please slow time down just a little for me, please? It's now March, Autumn and I'm back at Uni. It's now my time, with both the boys at school. Time for me to pursue my dreams. I'm back at Uni after 18 years. Yes 18 years ago I completed my first degree, a Bachelor of Arts at RMIT.

This week I started my first unit towards a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) degree. Studying from the comfort of home through Open Universities Australia. My first unit an 'introduction to university learning' will help me refocus on university learning. It'll help me understand the expectations and requirements of university learning and teach me plenty about online learning. Already I'm being introduced to students all over Australia and overseas. A diverse variety of backgrounds, ages and area of study. It's really interesting to learn about people and their reasons to take on university study. The majority, like myself, are feeling a little overwhelmed this week, I'm sure in time we'll ease into this new way of life and focus. It's only week 1, so new to us. You know what, when I completed my first degree, all those years ago, the internet did not exist!! Can you believe that?? I hand wrote all my essays and spent hours at the library. My oh my how times and technology have changed in such a relative short time.

I have two small assessments, each worth 5%, due in next Friday. Week 2 and assessments are due!! OMG I thought, what have I got myself into?? When I'm not working or looking after the family's needs, you'll find me studying these days. Until I'm comfortable with my online learning I may not be able to post here as regularly as I like. I'll be back and definitely not too far away. You know how much I like it here. My aim, to post here once or twice a week. When I need some down time I'll be sure to pop over to your blog.


  1. Yikes assessment in week two - they will be keeping you on your toes! All the best with it! xox

  2. Hiya
    I am doing a master of communication at RMIT and love it.
    I hope you enjoy your study.

  3. Wow, you are going to be busy, but it sounds like something that is very important to you, so good on ya for getting stuck in to it!
    Things are sooo different now aren't they? A whole new world!
    Best of luck with your first assignments..

  4. Good luck. I did my degree through Distance Education. It takes lots of planning but you soon get the hang of it.

  5. Hey there - better late than never! Hope the assessments went well and you're getting into a study routine. :o)

  6. Good luck, i so don't think i could go back after children. Did my 6 years straight out of school, phew, i'll be a Uni mum in about 6 years, that's enough for me!! Many mummies at school are back at Uni, i think they're amazing, just like you. Love Posie


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