Thursday, March 18, 2010


I learnt a new word today, a word I don't think I had ever heard of before. In my late thirties and still learning new words, how exciting!

My new word for the day 'ecru' the shade greyish-pale yellow or a light greyish-yellowish brown.

It is often used to describe such fabrics as silk and linen in their unbleached state. 'Ecru' comes from the French word écru, which means literally 'raw' or 'unbleached'.

In the 1930s and before, 'ecru' was considered to be the same colour as the colour beige but since the 1950s 'ecru' and beige have been regarded as two different colours.

Am I the only one who learnt the meaning of a new word today?


  1. Didn't you do French at school?? Back then it just meant "white". It's a pretty word indeed. Love Posie

  2. Hi Posie, You know I did learn French at school and still can't ever remember hearing this word before! How sad. I hope this isn't the first sign of my memory failing me x.

  3. I can't think of a new word I learnt today, but I never stop learning! Ecru is a great word, try and use it every day and see how many people ask you what it means!

  4. I heard a new made-up word today. "Bridechilla" - kind of the opposite of a "Bridezilla". Given my current wedding obsession, I thought that was pretty cool!


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