Tuesday, March 16, 2010

farm day

May last year we enjoyed our first 'Farm Day' experience. Farm Day is when a farming family hosts a city family for a day. Farm Day is a fantastic opportunity, for children who live in the city and are so insulated from country life to enjoy first hand farming experiences.

Last year our family had the absolute pleasure of spending the day with a farming family who own a wool and cereal farm in Western Victoria. They were an absolute delight to spend time with. Lovely people, so very welcoming. We came home with home grown vegetables, beautiful homemade chutneys and relishes and a couple of bags of sheep bones and fleece for show and tell at school!

Registration for Farm Day 2010 (29th and 30th May)is about to open any day. For more information and to register your interest in participating click here.

I am so impressed by the concept of Farm Day. The day is such a rewarding experience and a tremendous success. What an amazing opportunity for city kids, to absorb real hands on farming experiences. An opportunity for them to develop a greater understanding of the day-to-day life of a farming family. To experience first hand how other kids live.

We can't wait to learn details of the family we'll be visiting this year.


  1. What a fantastic programme - love it!

  2. That is a wonderful idea. I feel so lucky to have grown up on a farm & my parents and brother's family are still there. I love that my kids get to experience the farm that I loved so much growing up. :)

  3. What a great idea.. how lovely for the kids to experience that! I was raised on a farm, and there is nothing better than sharing the fun with your children.

  4. That's such a great idea. I was brought up on a farm and I had a magical childhood surrounded by green fields and animals. I think it's really important for kids to have the chance now and again to run free and get in touch with nature.

  5. Hey there
    Thanks so much for popping over my way.. I've just been reading through your last few posts and see you have gone back to uni! Good for you... and Open Learning .. i think that is a great way to do it but you are right about the 11pm switch off time.. haha

    I love this Farm Day idea also ... fabulous .. the kids will love it... in fact i think i would love it... Have a great day... catch you soon.. Julie

  6. Ladies, I was surprised to learn so many of you have had the privilege of growing up on a farm. What an awesome experience to have as a child. Thanks for your comments and sharing x.


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