Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Time to enjoy the holidays

The school and kinder year have come to an end. All so quickly. Where did 2009 go? Master J had a great year in grade 1 and Master L lots of fun in 4 year old kinder. I reflect on the last 12 months in amazement at the year that we have lived.

Why does it seem that as we get 'older' time seems to pass faster than ever? Life for our family is busy. What makes our days so 'busy'? I work, I study, I volunteer at school and kinder, I'm a Mum and try to keep a 'tidy' home with good food to enjoy each day. These are all things I enjoy for lots of reasons. Seeing my children harvest the rewards of me being involved, eating well is very important to me and along the way I'm forming new friendships with other parents in our community. I thrive on being part of a community. A big part of me needs to be kept 'busy' but I do realise the importance of a balanced lifestyle. I am 'goer', switching off in front of the TV is something I rarely do. There is so much to enjoy and learn in this life.

Today we enjoyed a simple day at home. The boys played for hours with some wooden train tracks, portable trains, buildings and emergency vehicles. The joy of hearing them enjoy each others company was a delight. There was the occasional conflict and disagreement in their role play, but all in all they enjoyed the simple pleasure of playing with each other. I'm looking forward to more days like today during the next 6 weeks.

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