Thursday, April 15, 2010

cooler days and new technology

We have almost reached the end of week one of term two. Already! I am constantly amazed at just how fast the day, the week, the month, the season seem to pass. Is this a sign that I am getting older? I remember as a child I never realised time passing by.

As I write the heater is on. I'm feeling the cold, the change of temperature seems quite dramatic. Autumn has definitely arrived in Melbourne. Cool nights and days are now part of our daily weather forecast. Currently a rather fresh 15 degrees. The time has come to pull out our winter jackets and boots. Time to rug up. I do enjoy the fact the winter allows us to enjoy lots of soups and stews. I find them quite easy to prepare and very healthy! It won't be too long before I am piling the groceries into one of these.

picture from Sunrise

This morning whilst watching a breakfast program I caught a glimpse of a story on new high tech shopping trolleys known as the 'smart trolley'. Smart trolleys are currently being trialled. The smart trolley comes complete with a GPS navigation system, who ever would have thought this possible?

The trolley has the capacity to track details of shoppers' movements in different aisles which in turn will trigger an appropriate ad. It has the capacity for the shopper to scan items whilst shopping, providing pricing information and a tally of the shop. It also provides meal ideas and ingredients required.

These trolleys are expected to be in Melbourne by July. What do you think? Will you find the ads annoying? Will the ads cause you to purchase impulsively? I'm still processing the fact that this technology is available and will soon be part of our shopping experience.


  1. That would drive me INSANE. I would shop elsewhere or buy a snazzy shopping trolley of my own before I'd be taunted by that creepy critter. Eeeps!

  2. That si just WRONG.

    I already do so most of our weekly food and grocey shopping at non supermarket shops....this inspires me to ditch the Coles and Woolies even further..........

    Take me to the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker. What I expend in petrol I will save in sanity!

  3. Goodness! How high tech! I think I'd find the ads annoying - I have a strict schedule when I grocery shop and stick to my list so I can get in and out of there as quickly as possible :)

  4. It will be annoying, particularly if there is sound. I think, however, that I have been so bombarded with attempts to make me part with my money that I have become immune to them and I don't really take the information in. I was asked to do a survey recently about various ads. I knew I had seen them but couldn't for the life of me remember what they were advertising.

  5. We do not need anymore ads in our lives!! We are inundated as it is.. and we are becoming so immune to them, I shut out all advertising.. even the stuff that may be applicable to me, so now they are coming up with these crazy ideas to capture our attention, or maybe it's a type of brainwashing???

  6. I would hate that, I'm still shopping with small kids and they repeat all the advertising to me while we shop that they have seen on tv.
    No Thanks, I love when I do get to go alone and read the labels.

  7. Ugh. Sounds really annoying. Is there nowhere we can get five minutes peace from advertising?


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